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Boxing, Kickboxing,Mix Martial arts and Battlefit cross training with full gym amenities, all under one facility.  State of the art commercial gym equipments with professional trainers.  Weather you just for fitness, self defense technics or competitions we are here to assist you. We have programs for all ages starting 4 years old to seniors. 

bags and cross training area. 
Thirty plus punching bags, double  end bags, speed bags, water bags availables for Boxing and martial arts training. We are fully equip for cross training. Heavy flip tires, prowlers,speed ladder,suspension training straps,kettle bells just to name a few are available 8am to 9pm for our members.



Fully equip with state of the art of commercial standard gym amenities. From 3 lbs to 100 lb set of dumb bells,  stair master, smith machine, leg press to tread mills. We're open from 8:00am to 9:00pm for open workout.
Pro-size boxing ring, USA BOXING regulated boxing ring to maximize your sparing session or personal training with a trianer.
MAT AREA: 1000sq ft  2 inches thick of Dollamur mat for ground game and personal training.
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